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CILANTRO LIME WHEAT BEER  Brewed with fresh lime zest and cilantro picked straight from our greenhouses.  6.3% ABV / 34 IBUs


LEMON BASIL WHEAT BEER  Thirst quenching, brewed with fresh lemon zest & Sweet Basil harvested from our own gardens.  5.8% ABV / 38 IBUs


CHILI PEPPER RED ALE (CPR): Our red ale brewed with Habanero peppers. " Guaranteed to re-start your heart."   7.5% ABV / 23 IBUs


ROSEMARY ORANGE AMBER ALE:    The beautiful color of this amber ale is reminescent of shimmering rubies.  Layers of flavor.  Brewed with fresh farm grown rosemary and orange zest.  7% ABV / 39 IBUs.

Variety 4 Pack of 16oz. cans

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