Flight of 4  - $10.00

Glass - $6

Growler (Reusable)- $25.00

Growler Fill - $19.99


BACKROOM BLONDE ALE: Easy drinking, lightly hopped with a touch of soft malty sweetness.  Bronze medal winner in the Beer Army / Beer Wars 2017 Competition.  6.0% ABV / 20 IBUs


HELLTOWN RED IPA: A unique IPA brewed with fresh Red Basil.  7.0% ABV /66 IBUs


FESTIVAL WHEAT BEER: Hazy, refreshing American wheat beer. Moderately hopped with a light crisp finish.  5.6% ABV / 21 IBUs


CILANTRO LIME WHEAT BEER  Brewed with fresh lime zest and cilantro picked straight from our greenhouses.  6.3% ABV / 34 IBUs


LEMON BASIL WHEAT BEER  Thirst quenching, brewed with fresh lemon zest & Sweet Basil harvested from our own gardens.  5.8% ABV / 38 IBUs


KISS ME KOLSCH: Smooth and crisp, pale and golden. Brewed with a classic German Kolsch yeast strain and Noble hops.  5.4 ABV / 20 IBUs 


BALANCE OF POWER DOUBLE IPA: One for the hop lovers, abundantly hopped.  9.5% ABV / 99 IBUs


RELIANCE ROAD RED ALE   A smooth and malty Irish Red Ale. Starts off with a bit of sweetness then a dry and roasted finish. 6.5% ABV / 19 IBUs


CHILI PEPPER RED ALE (CPR): Our red ale brewed with Habanero peppers. " Guaranteed to re-start your heart."   7.5% ABV / 23 IBUs


PLUPERFECT PORTER: Robust, with a slight roasty character and moderate English hop additions.  7.2% ABV / 30 IBUs


OATMEAL STOUT: Full bodied, smooth 'n silky, roasty n' toasty.  Breakfast in a glass.  6.5% ABV / 33 IBUs


GOLDEN STRONG: Golden and complex. A smooth warming alcohol presence accompanied by an abundance of fruity esters and a touch of spice. Brewed with 100% Pilsner malt.  10% ABV / 25 IBUs  Due to the extended fermentation period and the coaxing of this sleepy yeast required to reach the target abv, our price for a glass is $8 and Growler fills are $39.99.


BELGIAN SAISON: Our farmhouse-style ale brewed with a classic Saison yeast, this beer brings a complex aroma and flavor with mild fruitiness and a tart, dry finish.  6.8% ABV / 30 IBUs 


HOP HARVEST PARTY ALE: Pale and pleasant with a smooth bitterness. Freshly hopped with over 7 lbs per barrel of our own Cascade hops grown on-site and brewed from bine to kettle in less than 24 hours.  7% ABV / 53 IBUs (Available late Summer/early Fall)


BLACK TRUFFLE PIG BLACK IPA:  This dark beer emphasizes the floral, spicy,  citrusy flavor and aroma of northwest hops.  There is a very subdued malt character of midnight wheat malt.  7.7% ABV / 60 IBUs 


PETER PETER PUMPKIN DRINKER PORTER:  Our seasonal pumpkin offering is a porter with plenty of pumpkin flavor and lightly spiced. 

6.6 % ABV / 28 IBUs (available in the fall and early winter)


ROSEMARY ORANGE AMBER ALE:    The beautiful color of this amber ale is reminescent of shimmering rubies.  Layers of flavor.  Brewed with fresh farm grown rosemary and orange zest.  7% ABV / 39 IBUs.


BAY NUT BROWN ALE:  A luscious, malt-oriented brown ale brewed with our own fresh picked bay leaves .  YUMM.   5.8% ABV /  23 IBUs.


HOLIDAY MARKET ALE:  Brewed for our Holiday Market which takes place on the first weekend of November.  This is a once a year gift from our Head Brewer.  The style will be announced during the month of September.  ABV target is 6%.   Bottles are great for gift bags, hostess gifts and party favors.


THE FERMINATOR:  A Strong Scotch Ale.  Delightfully malty and even slightly sweet but on the high alcohol side of Scotch ales. 

 9%ABV / 23 IBUs


CHICKEN CHOW BARLEYWINE:   The richest and strongest of all American ales.  Malty, complex and intense flavors.  Delicious after a short fermintation and even better the longer it waits.   12%ABV  / 99 IBUs


BACKPACKER PALE ALE:  A clean fresh golden beer loaded with flavor.  A gentle, malt background balances it perfectly to make an extremely easy drinking session beer.  6.6%ABV  / 33 IBUs.


CITRA GOLDEN HOP SURPRISE  IPA   Surprising indeed!  The powerful, refreshing aroma of grapefruit and stone fruit fills your senses even before your first sip of this east coast (New England) style IPA.  It's fruity, it's floral, it's hoppy, it's perfection.  6.3 %ABV  /  68 IBUs


Mr. Pat's Abbey Ale   A malty, Belgian style ale with hints of caramel, raisin and plum.  There are slight notes of banana and spice (from the Belgian yeast).   6.8ABV / 20 IBU

Shenandah Sunset Hazy IPA  details coming soon

St. Billie Girl  Belgian Single  details coming soon

Farmwork  Rosemary Rye Saison details coming soon

Appalachian Hefeweizen  details coming soon

The New Canoe  Wit Beer  details coming soon

Regions Pilsner  details coming soon



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